Mosaic of Facts – Media Manipulation

How do you know the news you are watching is fact based or fiction?

The media use words such as: it is reported, expert says, we have been told and other similar phrases are clues to the deception. Rarely, if ever, do the media have evidence before reporting to you.

If you were arrested by the police and held without a reason how would you feel? Our media puts you in a singular view without telling you, why or where, they get the facts. This documentary takes you into the world of the media lies.

In Canada, why has the media turned a blind eye, to at least 159 Conservative wrong doings in the election 2015 coverage?

Miguel Francis-Santiago began his journey into the Ukrainian Crisis with a trip to Crimea. His latest investigative film takes him home to New York, to begin his quest to understand how the crisis came about, who was behind it and where it might lead in the future.

“Twenty-first-century warfare is now as much about words, pictures and video as guns, missiles and bombs. Meeting with American and European journalists, Miguel explores how crises in Ukraine and elsewhere are reported around the world. Headlines and sound bites have the power to shape public opinion. Sensationalism, censorship by omission and even falsified news; some claim there are no longer any taboos on the information battlefield.

The programme explores what governs media agendas in covering international news where unwritten editorial and geopolitical goals dictate how (and what) information is disseminated. What sources or news outlets can be trusted? We live in a connected age when the saying, information is power, has never been more true.

At a time when the media has been dubbed the fourth estate, the thin grey line between facts and propaganda has become blurred.”

Note: Text in quotes from the description of the documentary.

Canadian Voters vs Pollsters

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.

To every Canadian knocking on doors for your local candidate you are a symbol of democracy in action. The weathers is good leaving room for other Canadians to join you. As of this writing there are 10 days to offer help in your local riding to the candidate of your choice. Volunteering is a well founded Canadian trait so use your time locally.

Tired of being told what the pollsters have to say almost daily?

Consider the fact polls are from a small selected group of under 1500 Canadians out of 35 million. All are selected from a screened list by the company or organization releasing the polling numbers. Look at the polls, if you must, realizing you are being manipulated. It is a clever scheme used to discourage Canadians from voting. During the 2011 election 10 million Canadians chose to stay at home. 14.8 voters of a possible 24.2 million found their way to a polling station to vote.

For me it is much easier because I stopped watching television in 2003 when the US began an illegal war against Iraq. I see the uncensored Internet by staying clear of Google. Every time a person says Google it my mind says thank you for believing Google’s propaganda. Two days ago, I opened up another browser, to see what you see when using Google. It was a nightmare, akin to the pollsters presenting a selected list, encouraging Canadians to blindly go into the dark.

The truth is rarely pure and never simple Oscar Wilde

In our Parliamentary democracy we have one opportunity, during a national election, to determine who will represent us in Ottawa. The majority of elected representatives from a political party form the government for another 4 years. We have no direct vote for the party leader. The party leader must win in a local riding to become Prime Minister of Canada. Stephen and the Conservatives are holding office based on a 61% voter turnout in 2011. A flaw in our system of voting gave them the job with 34% of the total votes.

Reject Stephen Harper and the Conservatives

Stephen and his Conservatives have had over 8 years to govern. The trail of corruption and deceit is longer than every government since the Confederation of Canada. The short collection, to back up Stephen and the Conservative contempt, of Parliament and Canadians.

An open Facebook profile 78 Days 78 Reasons to Remove Harper and Conservatives

Short video London Rally of Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament 2010

Reader funded media The Tyee have many excellent articles with various points of view. The Tyee also has a list of 70 Conservative abuses of power, created by Canadians.

Short video In Stephen Harper’s own words.

How the Youth Vote can change Canada by Rick Mercer

Note to those using social media networking websites. Ignore the Conservative distraction about what clothing Canadians can or should wear. Some of our Canadian media are using the topic to avoid honest discussion during this election. Canada has a Charter of Rights and Freedoms along with being a signer of the United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights.

Are You Ready to Vote?

Harper and the Conservatives are holding office based on a 61% voter turnout in 2011. A flaw in our system of voting gave them the job with 34% of the total votes. We can change who governs Canada in Parliament, by concentrating on the political party, that would or could do the work required. Think of the election campaign as a job interview. Who would you hire?

Find your Polling Station at Elections Canada by entering your postal code.

Voting offices are available at Colleges or Universities. App for Android and App for Mac.

Website for Youth vote. Our creativity and energy is vital at this moment in Canadian history. We will no longer be marginalized.

Please vote.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Will publish article about Canada’s environmental impact in two or three parts. When I get tired reading my own articles it seriously needs to be edited. Cheers


How to Vote in October Canadian Election

Many people are asking questions about voting during the upcoming Federal Election in Canada. I took notes from questions being asked on various social networks and media outlets. Most, not all, of the information written here is from Elections Canada and the Government of Canada websites. It is meant to take the confusion out of making your vote count.

Changes were made by the Harper Government to the Elections Act. We can work around the changes meant to derail several million Canadians from voting by being informed. Contrary to media hype there are millions of Canadians who do not have Internet access. It is therefore necessary for those who do have access to pass on the facts on how to vote. Charities, non-profits and other organizations should mobilize volunteers to assist in the voting during the election. Political parties, by law, are also allowed to take people to the correct Polling Station. Technically they are not to use the drive as a way of influencing your vote. One of the major concerns is finding out if you are registered to vote. Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote in Canada. The Elections Canada website is available in English and French.

How Do You Know if You are Registered to Vote

Every citizen of Canada with Internet access can find out if you are registered by going to the Elections Canada website. It is open and available for every computer and device. For those without their own computer you can use the local Libraries or any support group with a computer. The website addresses privacy concerns and shows you how to clear the browser history. You as a citizen, with Internet, have every right to help friends and family make certain they are registered.

It is simple to register at the Elections Canada website. Please share your knowledge by helping another Canadian citizen to vote.

For those registered a Voter Information Card will arrive at the address Elections Canada has on file. A good reason for everyone to check their status and update your address if required. The Voter Information Card is no longer a valid piece of identification.


Changes Directed at Specific Citizens

Aboriginal Peoples

A few new, rather convoluted steps are required, for Aboriginal Peoples from coast to coast to coast. Information can be found here for you to read. My take on the changes is simple. It is about as close to requiring a lawyer to witness your vote as possible. You can thank the Harper Government, by voting, and be assured you are not alone. Elections Canada offers several Aboriginal languages for the documentation.

Friendship Centers

Another initiative by Elections Canada was implemented to let voters use Friendship and Youth Centers to offer additional service points where people can get information, register and vote. You can search locations with your postal code.

Post Secondary Students

Elections Canada is opening offices at several College and University campuses across the country as a pilot project. I am asking students in Universities and Colleges to post the information everywhere possible. Student Unions along with other College and University organizations can make the voter turnout the highest in Canadian history.

People with Disabilities

Elections Canada launched an Advisory Group for Disability Issues to provide advice on initiatives for the 2015 Federal Election. The group helped identify the best ways to inform people with disabilities of when, where and the ways to register and vote. Elections Canada continues to draw on this network of organizations for consultation purposes. These organizations also assist Elections Canada in spreading the word about elections to their networks of people with disabilities across Canada.

People in Hospital or Long-term care Facility

Voters have an additional option by using a mobile Polling Station in some residences and hospital wards. Elections Canada personnel, if required, will carry the ballot box from room to room for voting. Ask your facility administrator or call Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868.

Danger Alert

Voter Identification Required

Do you find the article useful and easy to understand so far? Great! Post it everywhere because the next section is where the fun begins. The Harper Conservatives must have gathered a large group of corporate lawyers together in order to trick Canadians out of a vote. It is an obvious attempt to defraud Canadians at the Polling Stations and destroy the right to vote. The result of fake phone calls made during the last election by the Conservatives sending Canadians to the wrong Polling Stations. Harper and the Conservatives want to get even by further damaging the right to vote.

Listen, I understand many of you, have a busy life tending to your own difficulties and successes. Could you find a few minutes to vote and ensure another Canadian the same?

1. Identification

The first one is mandatory and could be difficult for millions of Canadians. Canadians of 60+ years make up 7+ million of our population with an estimated 4 million no longer having a valid drivers license. Students and people without a fixed address will so find it difficult to vote. Of all the voters during the 2011 election 400,000 of 900,000 people used their voter information cards for identification. Elections Canada information cards are no longer valid nor is a passport.


2. Identification

Once you have hurdled part one of the test a second part is required. Two pieces of identification as show in the diagram are required. I am writing about the Canadian election this October 19, 2015 in case you are feeling I am making this up. Harper and his Conservatives put more roadblocks on your way to vote in a society that is supposedly an open Parliamentary democracy.


3. Identification

For the homeless Harper put more bricks in the wall. Charities and non-profit agencies can play a big role by vouching for homeless Canadians. You already do offer so much dedication and now you are being asked to go one step further.


Canadians traveling, living abroad and our Armed Forces will find information at the Elections Canada website.

Sign up for notices on the Election Canada website as additional resources will be added. Help put Canada’s reputation where it belongs near the top of all nations.

“Open debate allows for the public to become part of the choices societies have to make, and informs them about their options for the future, which in turn gives citizens the opportunity to improve measures…” Joe Clark

Canadian Election Ignoring Hot Issues

Very Real Nuclear Dilemma

There are several lists with a total of 89 different topics scolding PM Stephen Harper.  I am certain the list has grown since last week. As the Prime Minister of Canada he could admit that he made some serious errors during the last four years. I would never suggest Canadians hold their breath waiting for him to say anything honest.

A major story, not on any of the lists, nor mentioned by our glorious news readers has to do with nuclear waste. Thousands of Canadians have tried everything possible to bring the issue to any political parties who will listen. Listen is a key word rarely found in the political realm. It is easier to toss billions of dollars at people than pay attention to what the people have to say. Links to Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party and Thomas Mulcair of the New Democrats who did not respond to earlier articles. The Green Party did talk about this issue in March, 2015 contact Elizabeth May.

How does it make you feel when you are told a nuclear waste dump is being placed near your town or city? The entire project was kept out of sight until someone attended a meeting and discovered the deal was almost done. 29,000 metric tonnes of nuclear waste will be dumped into a pit 1.6 kilometers, (1 mile), from the Great Lakes.

The diagrams presented are absolutely fabulous.


It appears the artist forgot to place Lake Huron anywhere on the drawing of the nuclear waste dump. All you need to do is place or pour the nuclear contaminated material in one of the shafts and presto the waste is safe. Safe as long as no one opens it within 500,000 years. Safe as long as the earth never shifts. Some of the spokespersons must know something the rest of the world has yet to figure out. One of them stated, earthquake tremors in that area never happen even though the Ontario Government says otherwise. Maybe the O.P.G. Minister of Propaganda sees far beyond the next half million to one million years.

The chosen location in this diagram has blue dot. A blue line points to it on the Ontario, Canada side of Lake Huron. Red areas are current nuclear reactors many with waste semi-stored.

Featured image

Now that you see the area how do you feel? It is a densely populated area of North America numbering near 60,000,000 people. The Great Lakes are the largest body of fresh water in the world. They supply drinking water to the people, along with many rivers, flowing to and from the Great Lakes. On your behalf I am increasing the list from 89 errors to 90 without mentioning it to the clowns who own and operate big media. We know the lists are being created by people with their own private agendas.

Burying 29,000 metric tonnes of nuclear waste anywhere near the Great Lakes is a very public issue. I do not live near the lakes yet I have a very good understanding of what will happen. Contrary to the so-called media, people are aware, of several nuclear accidents. Where are the plans to evacuate 40-60 million people when the hot nuclear rods shake loose?

Do any of our political leadership candidates in Canada have a secret plan?

The fact is every country using nuclear fuel and/or has nuclear weapons did little or no planning for the toxic waste. Waste comes from nuclear Power Plants, nuclear weapons, nuclear powered submarines and ships, hospitals, research facilities and a wide array of other military weapons.

Our planet is awash with deadly and poisonous nuclear waste. Do you seriously want this material next to your drinking water, city or town?

Take a good look at the number of countries who have deadly nuclear waste piling up.

Featured image

While every political party in Canada, is huffing and puffing about the climate, poison is being dumped into the oceans or stock piled. Ontario Power Generation (O.P.G.) had a stamp of approval by PM Stephen Harper and his Conservatives to move forward on the proposal. At this point it will be up to whoever wins the majority during the October 19, 2015 election to give it the final approval.

While the pseudo environmentalists blame every rain storm on climate change none talk about the most toxic topic Nuclear Waste. Apparently it does not give them enough hits on the donate button.

Below are links to people who do care. Please let them know you care by spreading the word via your social networks. I understand it is tough to get noticed between a billion selfies and gobs of spam.

U.S. Sen. Carl Levin has introduced a resolution urging the Obama administration to oppose a Canadian proposal to bury radioactive waste less than a mile from Lake Huron.

Physics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for active researcher, academics and students of physics.

Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility. CCNR is a not-for-profit organization, federally incorporated in 1978. It is dedicated to education and research on all issues related to nuclear energy, whether civilian or military, including non-nuclear alternatives, especially those pertaining to Canada.

U.S. Senators Trying To Stop Canada From Dumping Nuclear Waste By Lake Huron

Democratic Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters said they will introduce legislation that would require the U.S. State Department to negotiate with Canada over delaying a decision on the waste facility until the study is completed. Rep. Dan Kildee, a Democrat from Flint Township, said he would offer the same measure in the House.

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump

A non-profit organization of concerned citizens¬† Canadians. We are deeply concerned about Ontario Power Generation’s proposal to build a Deep Geological Repository to bury radioactive nuclear waste on the shores of the Great Lakes. We believe that radioactive nuclear waste should not be buried underground anywhere in the Great Lakes Basin.

News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry

Should the public discover the true health cost(s) of nuclear pollution, a cry would rise from all parts of the world and people would refuse to cooperate passively with their own death.

Twitter links are embedded for you with the names. I hope you love this planet too. Will you help us spread the word on this hot and ignored topic?