Canadian Party Leader’s Debate

Why are the other party leaders allowing PM Harper to decide whether their should be debates? Liberals, NDP, Bloc Québécois and Green Party could hold a debate without Harper’s consent. It would draw a larger audience. The number of Canadians who watched the recent so-called debates dropped to 1 million from more than 11 million in past elections.

My thoughts are one debate from Quebec and one from Alberta in a University setting. Universities are an excellent place to hold real debates. They also have the means and ability, to hold a lively debate by selecting people from various sectors, to ask questions. Perhaps the University could allow short questions from the live audience. What a novel idea. The two I picked are my choices one in French and one in English.

With almost four weeks until the election on October 19 Universities are capable of staging the debates. Pick a host who knows the rules of debating for starters. Any local or national media would be welcome to broadcast the debates. The use of Livestream and YouTube Live should be included.

This would put Canada back in the Election with or without PM Harper participating. An election date is set by the PM after getting consent from the Queen of England’s representative in Canada. In our semi-democratic Parliamentary system Canadians set the agenda by drawing attention to our concerns. Otherwise we are living in a dictatorship. Or are we already there?

Very few Canadians viewed the so-called debates. They were so dry I had no spit. More akin to watching paint dry with questions so flat Elizabeth May had more fun on Twitter.

Please help spread the message to those who want real debates. First to heed the call will have fun showcasing your University.

Elections Canada awaits your registration or simple inquiry on whether you are registered.